Saturday, 27 July 2013

Wolverine Quick Review.

So big stupid robot aside, and a couple of other comic book things that I will try my best not to let bother me for the sake of not being a cynical asshole about EVERYTHING. I liked wolverine, I enjoyed the fact that it wasn't the typical FATE OF THE WORLD or FATE OF THE MUTANT/HUMAN RACE scenario, and I appreciated a smaller story in a nice setting, I also enjoyed not knowing who any of the characters where, so I couldn't get mad about whether they ruined em or not. Am just saying, Wolverine was good! Forgive the poor misguided studios for wanting a big boss fight at the end, they think that the entire audience are drooling fools who lap that shit up, enjoy the movie for what it is, a small adventure in the long life of a comic book character we know and love. AND STOP BEING SO SENSETIVE ABOUT THE MANDARIN!!!! GOD!!!!

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