Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Buy My Stuff. Work Work Work.

Been doing alot more artwork recently and I'm working hard, the chameleon thing was just an idea I had for like giftwrapping, but then I decided to put it up on my RedBubble as a T-Shirt, I-Pad/I-Phone Case etc because it works pretty well. And also I drew a Panda, because I've never drawn a Panda that was any good, I reckon this is my first successful Panda.

Chocolate Moose

It's a moose eating mousse..problem??

Valentines Pug

Just whipped this up for Valentines Day, cheaped out and used the Pug from my logo, I just wanted it to be short and sweet though so I didn't mind.

Cheer The Fuck Up

 Mr Owl says cheer the fuck UP. Just something I did for my friend the other day, she seemed quite pleased.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

All Kindsa Shit.

I've not really uploaded all that much Lately, been working on alot of stuff, writing and coming up with Idea's, got alot of stuff to do. Working on two cartoon projects 'Lido's Island' and 'Dipshit the Wonder Pug' as well as some more serious comic book stuff which I'm not really doing anything with, so once I've got my act together I'll be uploading lot's and lot's of what I think is good shit! So keep an eye out!